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Western Analytical is an independent asbestos testing laboratory, located in Arleta, California, approximately 10 miles Northwest of Los Angeles. Since its founding in 1995, Western Analytical has established itself as a reliable testing laboratory with an excellent track record in quality analysis, competitive pricing and customer service.

Western Analytical provides the following asbestos testing services:

  1. Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) analysis of Bulk Samples
    EPA 600/R-93/116
    • EPA Quantitave Point Counting
    • Gravimetric Analysis (Chatfield Method)
  2.  Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM)  anaysis of Air Samples
    NIOSH 7400A

Key benefits to our clients:

  1. Competitive pricing
  2. Guaranteed turnaround times
  3. Strict quality control procedures
  4. Experienced staff
  5. Emergency service 24 hours a day, every day
  6. Comprehensive, easy-to-read analytical reports
  7. Quick and courteous service
  8. Archiving of samples (6 months) and reports (20 years)

We hope to be of service to you and your company. Please click here to request additional information and pricing.